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Moving forward with passion since 1962

BLDM is a specialty contractor offering integrated construction services in a variety of areas such as mechanical, power, water and telecommunications.


During our decades-long history, we have contributed to the development of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s infrastructure with projects ranging from housing, hotels, transportation, manufacturing, and many others.

Our Services

At BLDM we have the integrated services and 60 years of experience to make them happen.

Having mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and telecommunications services under one roof means

better coordination, more cost efficiency, and shorter project cycles for our clients. 

Our services can be tailored and combined depending on each client's needs.

From electrical wiring to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), water pipes,

telecom services, access control, and CCTV.

BLDM Mechanical Worker


Construction and maintenance of industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities.

  • Water

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC Construction

  • HVAC Preventive Maintenance

  • Mechanical Services

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Metal and Steel Prefab and Installation

BLDM Electrical Worker


Experts in the construction of aerial and underground electrical systems for industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities. We also offer power services and power line installation for residential projects or highways. No job is too big for us.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Power 

  • Renewable Energy

  • Housing

  • Highways & Roads

BLDM Telecommunications Worker


Installation of aerial and underground communications systems, structured cabling and wiring for communication networks, analog and fiber optic wiring systems. We also install necessary manholes and conduit runs.




Maintenance programs are designed to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of operating the equipment for HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

  • Preventive and predictive  maintenance

  • Repair and replacement of mechanical equipment

  • Emergency services

  • 24/7 Services

  • Quick response

  • Competitive rates

  • Chilled water pump restoration

BLDM Integrated Services Solutions Worker

Integrated Services Solutions

We combine our technical expertise across our divisions, offering integrated services in tailored planning that covering every project's need.


All our specialized teams work in coordination to offer comprehensive final infrastructure. Having integrated services under one roof means more cost efficiency and shorter project cycles.

Presentacion_BLDM_15Feb22_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png

BLDM believes that only by integrating safety, quality, and productivity we can provide the high-quality services expected from us. Striving for an injury-free environment is a company-wide core value. As part of our “Rules of Life: Safety program,” we continue to alert our employees to the potential for injuries at every turn. EHS is a top priority for all our activities.


We have a well-trained and experienced team of EHS Professionals overseeing and assuring day-to-day compliance with our program and practices. 


Project Engineers, Supervisors, Forepersons, and Managerial Staff have completed 30 hours of OSHA for Construction Industry Certification. All our field staff is trained in Safety Procedures and Regulations, following the job tasks they are required to perform.


Every year, our staff complies with basic safety training to ensure full proficiency. We monitor leading indicators to assure risk prevention and ongoing improvement of our safety leadership culture.

BLDM worker handling machinery

Are you looking for a challenging, yet rewarding career?

Check out our list of available opportunities. As we continue to grow, you can grow with us. BLDM offers several trades and jobs in engineering, management, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and other support areas.

Our most valuable resource is our people. More than 2,500 professional team members share a passion for their work and are dedicated to deliver projects smoothly, safely and with excellence. 

Developing  our people is our priority, so that they can make lasting careers with us. Through our efforts, we aim to promote the ongoing professional development of our employees through equal opportunities.

We select and retain the best talent in the industry, while promoting diversity and inclusion in our workforce, hiring, and then training talent from all groups, including women, veterans, individuals with functional diversity individuals, and others. We set the industry's pace by always delivering the best and most modern human resources practices.

 Executive Team
Team of BLDM

A diverse workforce

At BLDM, we are committed to being an Equal Employment and Affirmative Action employer. We understand the value of our workforce and actively offer training and career development opportunities


We recognize that our company is enhanced by our employees’ unique strengths and skills regardless of gender, social background, and physical limitations. 

Diversity enriches our work environment and results in being able to meet the needs of our customers.



Our culture of sustainability runs through everything we do, and every business we help. Clients look to us for expertise on smarter, more efficient use of energy and resources —from solar solutions to lighting retrofits, to indoor air quality. All of which makes financial sense for us and the hundreds of businesses that rely on us.

Projects of BLDM
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