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Experts in the installation, assembly/construction of aerial and underground electrical systems for institutional, industrial and commercial facilities. BLDM also offers power services and power line installation for residential projects and/or large-scale highway development. No job is too big for us. 

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Our highly trained team of professionals are focused on safety and getting the job done with excellence. They are skilled in the installation and setup of electrical systems for industrial, institutional and commercial facilities as well as residential electric systems or highways. These power services are often the perfect counterpart/complement to our mechanical and telecommunication services. Our teams work together to provide our clients better coordination, more cost efficiency and shorter project cycles.

Each of our electricians have expertise to skillfully handle any electrical project including indoor, outdoor, lighting projects, capital improvement projects, and build new, state of art design from ground up.

Power for institutional, industrial and commercial facilities

  • Electrical power wiring

  • High voltage substation installation

  • Site underground work

  • Equipment installation and repairs.

  • Remodels

  • Lighting installation

  • Generators

  • Residential construction

  • Car charging stations

Renewable Energy

BLDM is a pioneer in the implementation of renewable energy in Puerto Rico. Our projects comprise both solar and wind energy generation systems. 


Our division explores the most efficient and cost-effective ways of using finite resources to protect the environment and benefit your company, combining solar- and wind-powered projects.

Power, Highways and Roads

​Alliviating traffic congestion while making roads safe for pedrastian is an on going issue in traffic industry. With this comes the need to continually upgrade freeway technology, infrastructure, and systems to meet demands and mantain safe and efficient roads. BLDM team work with DOT agencies and consultants to design and install variety of highway and comunication systems.​

  • Street Lighting

  • Traffic signal systems

  • Intelligence Traffic Signal Systems (ITS)

  • Geometric improvements

  • Switchyards and substations

  • Transmission and Distribution Lines Installation

  • Radar Variable Message Sign

  • Wireless communication systems

  • Vehicle detection systems

  • CCTV systems

  • CCTV systems to monitor transito for vehicles

Residential Electrical Systems and Power Lines

  • BLDM SI: Commercial Renewable Energy (Eolic & Solar power).

  • Photovoltaic Installations

  • Site underground work

  • Electrical wiring for house interiors and power distribution

  • Equipment installation and repair

  • Communication wiring (intelligent housing)

  • Housing & apartment’s high voltage substation installation

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