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Our Commitment 

Great actions lead to great results!

At BLDM we are leading the way

Our goal is to deliver the best cost-benefit technology through sustainable green energy-oriented practices

Renewable energy unlocks new opportunities for our clients, our partners, and our people, and for the places where we do business.


Since 2009, we have consistently set bigger and bolder ambitions regarding renewable energy, recycling, and waste management.


BLDM is committed to enabling global and local cooperation to achieve a low-carbon future. Together, we can transform our global economy into a more sustainable marketplace.


Our goals focus on emission reductions, better waste management, and continuous innovation in solar power supplies.

We provide skills to succeed.


Our training program initiative is about supporting and empowering people to take on new challenges within our divisions.


Through our skills programs, BLDM has provided employment and constant training to unskilled enthusiasts, young professionals, and women-headed families. We have equipped people to make substantive improvements to their lives in our company as a workforce.


BLDM is continually evolving to meet changing market needs and support people throughout their career journey with us from young students and new graduates to more experienced workers that are now taking the lead at BLDM, providing:

- Safe environment/employee well-being.

- Growth and professional development.

- Sense of loving what we do with purpose.

Our commitment to ethics, human rights, safety, compliance, and good practices is a key driver of our business strategy and is essential to safeguarding our people, clients, brand, and projects. 


The Ethics & Compliance program grounded in our core values guide our business decisions and projects as we strive to foster a culture of integrity, transparency, and respect for the people and environment. 


We have made integral sustainability based on ethics  one of our greatest responsibilities not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because we believe that it will create a better future.

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