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Sustainable Operations

Our Sustainable Operation Plan means unmatched reliability!


We follow sustainability leadership guidelines adhering to the highest standards while maintaining performance at scale, thus ensuring every client satisfaction and project completion even in risky times.

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The company participates in a wide array of industry sectors.  For us, it is essential to focus on our solid growth and a comprehensive financial sustainability plan in compliance with construction bonds required for any project. 


To accomplish this goal, we are supported by one of the most advanced Finance and Accounting departments in the local industry. More than 20 professionals, among them accountants, MBA’s, financial advisors and consultants perform day-to-day activities to guarantee the financial stability and conclusion of every process. This gives our customers the assurance that their projects will be completed as planned.

We guarantee standards of operational continuity throughout all our projects' processes across our internal divisions, and streamlined operations to improve construction efficiencies for our partners.


Our priority is focused on the growth and escalation of BLDM, always pursuing new partnerships, and extending divisions and projects for BLDM USA in South Florida.  


Among our operational strategies, we operate a modern network of facilities on the island and abroad, algon with our plans of:  business continuity, succession business, and leadership development. Also,  a complete transport fleet, a mechanical workshop, and a disaster-proof office and warehouse for materials and equipment.

Edificios Residenciales con Paneles Solares

We work on optimal resourcing conditions, guaranteeing a disaster-proof reliance from our partners. Our backup energy sources include green energy, solar panels, gasoline and oil reserves, thus economic slack and solid economic prevention plans.

One of the tests passed that speaks of our strength has been our resilience during the pandemic for COVID19, as well as the success of resuming operations after Hurricane Maria and other disasters that have tested our coordinated services for the reconstruction and repair of large areas of the infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

Great actions lead to great results!

At BLDM we are leading the way

Our purpose is to deliver the best cost-benefit technology through sustainable green energy oriented practices

Renewable energy unlocks new opportunities for our clients, our partners, and our people, and for the places where we do business.


Since 2009, we have continually set bigger and bolder ambitions regarding renewable energy, recycling and waste management.


We are committed to enabling global and local cooperation to achieve a low-carbon future. Together, we can transform our global economy into a more sustainable marketplace.


Our goals are focused on emission reductions, better waste management  and a continuous innovation on solar power supplies.

We provide skills to succeed.


Our training program initiative is about supporting and empowering people to take on new challenges within our divisions.


Through our skills programs  we provide employment and constant training to unskilled enthusiasts, young professionals and women-headed families . We have equipped more than xx people  to make substantive improvements to their lives in our company as a workforce.


We are continually evolving to meet changing market needs and support people throughout their career journey with us from young students and new graduates to more experienced workers that are taking the lead nowadays at BLDM

Sustainability is about a resilient economy plan based on people and environment but also  human rights to inclusion & diversity.

Our commitment to ethics, human rights, safety, compliance and good practices is a key driver of our business strategy and is essential to safeguarding our people, clients, brand and projects. 


The Ethics & Compliance program grounded in our core values guide our business decisions and projects as we strive to foster a culture of integrity, transparency, and respect for the people and environment. 


We have made integral sustainability based on ethics  one of our greatest responsibilities not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we believe that it will create a better future.

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