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Engineering Internship and Coop

We invest in people and then people invest in us

BLDM is the national leader of electro-mechanical and telecommunications works in the construction industry. Our philosophy is based on safety and costumer first conduct, mutual trust, hard work and team building. We are dedicated to fostering a work environment that challenges, enriches, and rewards everyone. We believe in continuous performance improvement through the ongoing challenge our standards of excellence and productivity required. 


Our Summer Internship Program began approximately 30 years ago and has proven to be a powerful and successful recruiting tool, helping us to find the brightest young talent to bring fresh and innovative new ideas to BLDM. Successful intern candidates will work as Field Engineers for 8 summer weeks. Therefore, the overall goal of the program is to recruit the best of the best mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers or project management’s students each year with the hope of breading future candidates for full time professional positions.


Our internship program also seeks to create a remarkable and unparallel learning experience for students, so that they will think enthusiastically about the electro-mechanical and telecommunication construction industry. Each summer, we strive to ensure that students experience the benefits of working for a modern 21st Century construction company, where they can gain valuable hands-on experience, working directly with project managers, field engineers, supervisors, and foremen in the field.   We sincerely hope that our efforts create a pipeline for the best of the best to join BLDM upon graduation and keep BLDM’s supervisors in touch with the new generations of professionals by providing superior group of candidates to preview each year.

This internship program will be unique, and all students will gain valuable experience in which will help them understand more about our industry. It will provide college students with on-the-job training and experience while making important contributions to our organization.  For 8 weeks, Interns will be working on construction projects and will be shadowing and assisting experience project engineers and managers. These projects often regard analyzing details and finding better solutions or approaches.  We do our best so that our internship gives real-world experience to each student. They will gain a tremendous amount of information and knowledge about how a construction or pre-construction phase runs and, overall, how a project operated. It will be up to them to learn as much as possible because the internship is what they make of it. The more they put into their work, the more they will get out of their experience for their professional future.  


If you have interest in our Summer Internship Program be aware that opportunities are open on January thru April every year thru our Career Page.  


If you are looking for Coop experience please send us an email with your resume an cover letter to or call 787-761-3030 ext. 223 o 224

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